Out of various streams of biology, metabolism is fundamental for understanding life processes. Living systems tend to follow simple principles like decompositions, synthesis, and replication to continue their existence on earth. Be it in #prokaryotes or #eukaryotes, metabolic processes are the powerhouses for generating fuels for cellular processes. 

This special piece of article is dedicated to our teachers who make our understanding clearer about the subject and brave researchers trying to find out new pathways for a better world. When the wisdom of a teacher blends with the newest illustration technology, magic is born. Intending to make science communication easier, we bring to you illustrations of building blocks of life on the MTG platform. 

Specifically for tutors, teachers, science communicators, professors, and researchers, at Mind The Graph we have found a way to make the task easy for conveying complicated principles of metabolism to students, journals, and the community. 

Explaining the fundamental structures – with detailed molecular diagrams

Teaching and learning become easy when students can participate in the process via visualizing the content or conducting experiments. Visualization of molecules and chemical transformations are a crucial part of metabolic #pathways. Mind the graph presents you with the whole library of illustrations for basic chemical molecules, functional groups, and biologically important molecules.

Specifically for research interest, In addition to carbohydrate, and protein DNA-based illustrations, we can create an illustration bank for your newly proposed or elucidated pathway. MTG is your partner in creating graphical abstracts with detailed structural components to help you get your journal article accepted sooner. 

Making the structures come alive

The atoms and molecules prepared by our designers come alive when you use the platform to teach students. Buying an institutional subscription will help you to share the same platform with students and get complicated assignments done quickly and with lots of fun. MTG platform provides detailed identifiable tagging for each design created by the illustrator. This leads to active learning of students for choosing the correct molecule and completing the pathway!

All the illustrations prepared by the designers are scalable. This gives you an edge over other platforms to rescale the component or structure you want to emphasize for the lesson. MTG gives the advantage of changing colors in several ways to different components in several places. Please refer to the following example of amino acid and add your colors to make students take most of your understanding with them. You can print the amino acids and ask them to color functional groups and the building of peptide bonds will become clear as they paint it. 

Reactions are interesting when you know the right trick!

Describing transformations like glucose to glucose 6 phosphate in glycolysis is a tricky thing for a teacher. Try to make it interesting by adding visuals to your presentation. MTG helps you to get illustrations of various biologically important molecules and active functional groups to bridge the learning gap. Start exploring the MTG online platform right away! Get in touch with our experts to ease up your teaching load. Now you can take care of the explanation part and let the pictorial presentation do the rest of the job for you. 

Ask us to prepare interactive posters for metabolic pathways 

MTG is at your service to help you organize the information flow for the lessons. Please contact us to create tailor-made illustrations, posters, and presentations for your difficult topics. Let us help you bring colors to molecules! Contact us via the inquiry form and reach out to be the most creative teacher and professor at the University! Let us connect


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