Unless you are living in a bubble, you would know that visual content marketing is winning in today’s day and age. And it does make sense. 

Before we dive deep into infographic maker and visual design statistics, I want to ask you a question.

Think about it. What would you prefer? 

A 300-page book full of nothing but text, or the same information presented to you in a more visual format such as infographics or illustrations?

Every one loves consuming any form of visual content, be it infographics, images, or videos. And this is not just based on observation. There are scientific studies to back these claims. 

Our brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text.

This is why you might stop scrolling through your social media feed if you find an attractive infographic or image as compared to simple text-based posts.

The gist here is that it is easier for us to consume visual content rather than text-based content.

So, wherever we look for information, our brain will always get attracted to colorful visuals that have the same information and details.

Hence, it is evident that visual content is vital for marketing.

If you want to stand out from the million other bloggers, content creators, or marketers, you have to make the best use of visual content.

Studies show that companies that create visual content have 700% higher conversion rates when compared to companies that do not create visual content. This is proof of the fact that visual content is crucial in driving sales.

Today, many are trying to establish their presence in the online world and make money online in some way or the other.

This can be difficult because you are just another person trying to put out content that grabs the attention of your prospects.

If you create highly stimulating and useful visual content in the form of images and infographics, more people will be drawn to your brand.

This will lead to more and more prospects in your sales funnel. And ultimately help you attain increased sales.

Here are a few reasons why visual content will help you drive more sales online:

Attract the Attention of your Target Audience

As mentioned earlier, our brains process visual content much faster than text-based content.

This is why your target audience is more likely to get attracted to your brand through useful visual content as compared to text-based content.

Generate More Leads

Visual content would be more appealing to most of your target audience.

Therefore, it will be easier for you to generate numerous highly-qualified leads through a visually-driven lead magnet such as infographics, videos, and similar other forms of visual content.

Nurture Leads

Nurturing leads is also an important step in marketing. You need to keep your leads engaged and invested in you so that their chances of conversions increase.

Visual content can be extremely effective in nurturing your leads by providing valuable information in an easy-to-understand visual format.

Increase Conversions

Increased conversions can also be driven through captivating and useful visual content.

When your leads are well nurtured and understand the value of your offering, it is more likely that they will convert into your customers.

Retain Customers for Longer

It is also essential to nurture customers by offering them video tutorials and other forms of visual content so that they value your product even more.

This will help you increase your customer retention rates and reduce churn rates.

If you are wondering how you can strategically put out visual content that will help you attract highly-qualified leads into your sales funnel, then we have curated the perfect set of infographic and visual design statistics for you.

Through these statistics, you’ll understand how your target audience will perceive and consume your content.

Having this knowledge will give you an edge over your competitors. You’ll be able to play around with colors and visual content better.

Ultimately, you’ll gain more leads and drive more sales online.

You’ll also emerge as a thought leader and gain the reputation of a top brand in your industry.

Here’re 46 infographic and visual design statistics that you should know.

So, there you have it! 

All the mind-blowing statistics on infographics and visual design curated in the biggest visual resource on the web!!

By now, you would have gotten a fair idea about how essential visual content is for increasing your online sales and the growth of your professional or personal brand.

Whether you are a marketer, a CEO, or a solopreneur, designing captivating infographics and visual content can completely transform your game in the online world. So, the question is, are you up for it?

How are you going to add visual elements to your marketing and sales strategies? 

How will you create visually appealing images and infographics to catch your target audience’s attention?

Which are the places where you are going to include more visual content in order to convert more leads and drive more sales? Is it going to be your blog? Your social media? Or advertisements?

And, no, you do not need to hire expensive graphic designers to create infographics and images.

These are mere excuses that might be stopping you from conquering your online presence.

Reminding you of one of the statistics – 50% of marketers use an online graphic design tool to create visual content!

You, too, can join the bandwagon and create your own graphics within a surprisingly shorter span of time.

An intuitive visual design tool such as Mind the Graph will help you create visually appealing and customized visuals from scratch.

You will be able to design compelling, captivating, and professional-looking infographics with absolute ease.

You can also use a variety of pre-made templates if you wish to make the design process easier. Mind the Graph is extremely affordable and will be worth your buck.

If you found this article to be genuinely valuable and eye-opening, then do consider sharing it on your social media channels so that others could also benefit from these vital visual design statistics.


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