Graphical abstract: Using colors and illustrations as a designer

Graphical abstract: Using colors and illustrations as a designer

We are an online platform to scientists who want to create graphical abstract, presentations and infographics. With thousands illustrations available at our illustrations library, our goal is to improve science communication and make the scientist’s life more practical.

But, I know as a scientist, we are not designers. Sometimes, it is hard to create a beautiful presentation even with good illustrations.

So, to help our users, we constantly ask to our designers the best tips to improve their creations. How to choose the colors? How many illustrations I use in my graphical abstract? How to avoid too much information?

The result is a series of posts How to make an infographic (Don’t miss that, really).

But we are not done yet. There are still many surprises coming up!


Today I will show you two videos to help you choose the best design for your creation. Renato, our incredible designer shows his creation process choosing the right colors and illustrations.

A graphical abstract made by a designer:


The first video is about colors and how to highlight the main information:


The second video shows the best way to use illustrations and icons:

We have a youtube channel with tutorials to help our users. If you want to see a specific video, tell us:


We are always open to users feedbacks.

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