Have you ever thought about what is the next step for education? It is a popular consensus that lectures are extremly boring. But why people think that? For students or professors, traditional lectures are outdated.

A study published in 2013 says that active learning improves students performance improves in science, engineering and mathematics. This study pointed out that lectures are ineffective and may not be the best strategy to keep in our educational system.

It sounds like the natural flow for education is switching to a more “learn by doing” style – especially taking into account that the world is much more interactive nowadays.

education meets technology

We all had the unusual science teacher making cool and crazy experiments. However, is there any new technologies or tools to radically change the way we teach science? Or even better, to change how we think about education itself?

For example, not all people have the same skills and learning curves. The teacher can either level down the whole group and start from the basics, or put people who have different levels of knowledge to work together and help each other.

Also, technologies are here to stay. It would be a waste if we didn’t use technological devices to improve education and the students learning curves.


With that in mind, technology companies are starting to think about education as an opportunity to invest. We can see companies remodeling their business strategies to have a more social impactant catch.

According to this blog post on EdTech, there are quite a few advantages on investing in educational technology, particularly for the in-class performance:

  1. Organization and efficiency
  2. Improve Communication
  3.  Foster Collaboration
  4. Attract through Visuals
  5. More Ecological (Avoid wasting paper)

Some companies are investing in complete solutions for educational technology, a good example is Samsung School.

A Platform for Knowledge

Samsung School offers a variety of interoperable technology packages to suit your educational needs. The full suite includes select Samsung Galaxy tablets for the teacher and each student, an interactive whiteboard and a wireless multifunction printer. Tying it all together is the Samsung School software, which provides a learning management system along with powerful interactive tools.

The Samsung School project is a solution for teachers, students and parents who are willing to have a more participative roll in education. Here is what they aim to persue:

Things are changing not only for schools, but for the entire educational system. The students demand for a more efficient way to learn is now endorsed by teachers and the technological world we live.

Many other changes can be expected for the next few years. And additionally, it seems like technology is finally matching with social needs. Can you imagine how education will be in a couple of years from now?


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