#6 Scientific illustrations of the week: What is new for you – Mind The Graph

#6 Scientific illustrations of the week: What is new for you – Mind The Graph

As you know, we add new scientific illustrations every week in Mind the Graph. We already have a library with thousands of illustrations and couting. You can use our illustrations to create new graphical abstracts, presentations and infographics.

This week we’ve added several scientific illustrations in our platform, based on users requests. Catch up what is new at Mind the Graph:

  • Sugar-apple and morinda fruit scientific illustrations

image (47)


  • Lab apparatus with corn bedding


I would like to request an illustration of the attached tray. In the bottom of the tray, is it possible to draw corn bedding?”

preview_63700 (5)

  • Aspirin’s chemical structure

    “I need the chemical structure of aspirin. It’s even better if the hydrogen and oxygen can be identified.

    Thank you so much!”

preview_63700 (4)

  • Cryostat

preview_63700 (2)

  • Single-guide RNA

“I would appreciate an icon for MS2 single guide RNA aptamers.”


  • Kidney cut 

“Your work with nephron was AMAZING!
But now I need a visualisation of kidney perfusion. Thank You for Your fantastic work.”

preview_63700 (1)


  • Unmanned vehicles

“I would appreciate any images on unmanned vehicles: aerial and ground”

image (46)



Did you liked our new illustrations? They are available online for all mind the graph users. If you are a mind the graph user and didn’t find the illustration you need, just write to us.

untitled-creation63724 (2)

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