#8 Scientific illustrations of the week: What is new for you – Mind The Graph

#8 Scientific illustrations of the week: What is new for you – Mind The Graph

As you know, we add new scientific illustrations every week in Mind the Graph. Thus, today I will show the new illustrations of the week. We already have a library with thousands of scientific illustrations available for all our users. Even if you have a free account. Besides that, we add new illustrations every week. Most of them are based on requests from our subscribers. So, if you don’t find the illustration you need, no worries!

At the moment, only subscribers can request new illustrations. Thus, if you want to request it, you can become a premium user by a low price. The “on demand” service is the major difference between Free users and Premium users.

Now, let’s see the scientific illustrations that our subscribers requested last week:

Dairy food products

Hello, can you add some dairy food products such as yogurt and cheese?


image (55)

image (56)

image (57)



Woman driving a car

“I would like an illustration on driving a car”



Liver cells

“Liver sinusoid including kupffer cell and stellate cell would be amazing.”

image (59)



Mice pups

“could you make me an image of a mice mother and pups and other with 6 mice pups (3 whites and 3 blacks)?”

image (58)


Neuroscience illustrations


image (60)

African serval and wetlands 



image (61)


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