We always love to show off our users amazing work – especially if they are publishing papers using Mind the Graph illustrations and tools.

In this post, we will present Rafael Cypriano Dutra research entitled “Kinin receptors: Key regulators of autoimmunity” published in Autoimmunity Reviews, 2016. Let’s start with a little introduction of Rafael studying field.

The immune system counts on mechanisms that distinguish the self from the non-self, always aiming for the individual’s health. Rafael’s research highlights what happens if this mechanism fails. In particular, the role of a family of peptides called kinins involved in a wide range of processes and diseases (e.g. Alzheimer, cancer, epilepsy, etc).

Rafael used the graphical abstracts he made at Mind the Graph in a way to complement and illustrate main points of his research. The published paper counts on not one, but four graphical abstracts! Each of them representing a distinct part of his research.

Publishing papers with Mind the Graph

Fig. 1. Overview of autoimmune diseases.

Publishing papers with Mind the Graph

Fig. 2. The kallikrein–kinin system and kinin receptor pathway

Publishing papers with Mind the Graph

Fig. 3. Development and evolution of kinin antagonists, with special focus on the B1 receptor

Publishing papers with Mind the Graph

Fig. 4. Dual role of kinin B1 receptor in a MS model

This is not the first time we talk about Rafael’s research, we already posted about publishing papers and presented his work. He is one of our subscribers that really takes advantage of the subscribers benefits. And he is 100% right to do so!

If you missed the post I talked about, here it is: “Want to get published? Do something different!

And if you want to learn about how to make amazing graphical abstracts of your own, here are a couple posts that can help you:

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