The first impression Mind the Graph users have once they login at our platform is: WOW Finally I can find the scientific illustrations I always needed.

And that is true! Even if you cannot find the scientific illustrations you want, you can request them.

Requesting an illustration is simple. You only need to become a Premium user! The Premium subscription is very cheap: USD 5 per month for our annual subscription or USD 9 per month.
Can you imagine how your life would get easier once you can request all illustrations you need?

Well, the first impression can be about the illustrations. However, some of our users did more than requesting illustrations. They used Mind the Graph to achieve a new level in their research.

Here is a scientific paper recently published that contains a graphical abstract made at Mind the Graph

Mind the Graph: The first impression

Graphical abstracts are the future for scientific papers. They help science communication and wrap up all important information from your study. If you are not translating your research to graphical abstracts, you better start. Your paper may not get accepted if you don’t start worrying about how efficient you are communicating your findings.

Another example is a whole presentation made at Mind the Graph. What if instead of using single graphical abstracts, you could use Mind the Graph workspace to build slides?

Here are a couple slide examples one of our users made!

Mind the Graph: The first impression

Mind the Graph: The first impression

Mind the Graph: The first impression

Mind the Graph is much more than the first impression. You can explore our platform to fulfill many needs of the scientific life. We understand how much science can gain with the right communication tool. That is why we are always trying to improve our platform.

If you still feel a bit insecure about taking the first steps into the wonderful world of science communication, let us help and read this “Graphical abstract: The extra mile“.

Mind the Graph: The first impression


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