Hey there, science friend! So you want your Christmas present, right? Awesome, here it is!

On this Friday (12/15/2016) we will release our new platform subscription options! Mind the Graph Free version will still be available, but we will have two more versions: the Students and the Researchers subscriptions.

Because of this upgrade, the price will change too. So, we decided to give our users a present!

Until Friday, all users that subscribe to Mind the Graph will get the new unlimited version of Mind the Graph for our current price!

That means a super cheap price: only 9USD/month or 60 USD/year (5 USD/month) for all new Mind the Graph features and services in the Researchers supbscription!

The idea behind the new subscriptions is that we offer the service our users need but also understand the moment in science you are living.

We know how broke most students are, so we decided to keep a cheaper price for students. That way, they have a good access to our platform for a good price!

As for researchers, we know that a more specialized service can be of a great help. So, we raised the price a bit and added new services and unlimited access for them!

Each new subscription has different benefits, as you can see here:

new-pricing-tableStudent 9 USD/month or 60 USD/year (5 USD/month)

Researcher 15 USD/month or 108 USD/year (9 USD/month)

At Mind the Graph we understand the struggle most scientists live since we are scientists too – and we know that a Christmas present like this one can be the extra push a research may need to get published.

We are very thankful to all our users for their feedbacks and for using our platform! We hope you enjoy our Christmas present and have happy holidays!

Click on our logo with the Chrstimas hat to get your present!

Get your Christmas present from Mind the Graph!


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