Have you notice what is happening in science communication? Everyday a wave of new data and papers is getting drowned in the ocean of scientific information. If you want to survive it, you need to make the decision to get published.

Make the decision to get published

It may sound presumptuous, but after working hard to build a research from the scratch, the decision to get published is all yours. You just need to follow one simple step:

Understand what journals are looking for

Journals are also feeling overwhelmed with the amount of scientific findings that is discovered everyday. In fact, they are the most interested people in making science communication work. For that reason, a few changes are in order.

For example, the traditional structure of a paper needs improvement. Instead of using only text and graphs, we need new ways to communicate our findings. And more! We need it to be a faster source of information.

A sexy title and a sucint abstract are not enough for a fast communication anymore. Thus, many journals are calling on graphical abstracts. A graphical abstract is pretty much a visual way to tell your story.

At ScienceDirect, we can see how papers are available and organized. The list contains:

  • Abstract
  • Graphical abstract
  • Research highlights
  • Purchase PDF

Make the decision to get published

Meaning that the most relevant information from the paper is available in three different formats – which makes communication much more efficient.

Most scientists don’t know how to build a graphical abstract. You can get started by getting our booklet on this matter. However, the point is that it doesn’t need to be perfect.

The goal of using a visual tool is to simplify complex information. Other scientists should take a look at a graphical abstract and understand what your research is about. With that, journals improve science communication together with the paper visibility.

You may or may not go along with new improvements in science communication. However, the facility to access the information inside your research will determine if you paper is worth publishing.

The scientific world is changing to become a more reachable and simple platform of knowledge. Have you made the decision to get published yet?

Make the decision to get published


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