Human kind has been making discoveries for centuries. The wheel, new continents, penicillin, and more.

Many people would say we have reached the limit of new findings. However, it was only very recently that we started talking about human genome for example, or found about traces of liquid water in Mars. In 2016, our new discoveries are what we call innovation.

As days go by, we face how much we still don’t know. We certainly don’t know all the answers, but most times we don’t even know the questions.


Despite all setbacks, our minds never stop; this could be an attempt to find meaning to our lives or an impulse as natural as breathing. It doesn’t matter. The fact is that we keep trying to innovate.

As a scientist, you may have had an insight on some random and amazing idea. However, after a couple of minutes thinking it through, you came across the following conclusion: someone has probably thought about it already.Innovation is all about making connectionsBut so what? Innovation isn’t about coming up with something never thought before. Instead, to innovate means to connect things that were never connected before. The crazier, the better – provided that it works.

Here are some genius ideas that connect unusual studying fields:

Cotton candy to make artificial blood vessels

4D orchid response to environmental stimuli

Super Science Friends

Amisha Gadani: artist interested in animal morphologies and adaptations


When was the last time you discovered something new? What connections do you make everyday?


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