#31 Cardiology and neuroscience illustrations: The best medical illustrations

#31 Cardiology and neuroscience illustrations: The best medical illustrations

Hi there! I hope you are enjoying your friday! I am writing to bring you good news: We have a lot of new life science illustrations and all them are available for you. If you missed the latest illustrations, check out on this post what is new for you:

Cardiology illustrations

We added illustrations to show the human heart development.

human heart development.

human heart development.(1)


To the researchers, we added illustrations of the zebrafish circulatory system:

zebrafish circulatory system


zebrafish heart

Neuroscience illustrations

The human brain with hypothalamus highlighted:



Mouse brain with different areas highlighted:

mouse brain

Also, we designed a brain of a rat fetus, showing the eyes development:

rat fetus eye

If you are a neuroscientist you can use this neuroscience illustrations to create graphical abstracts to your papers, besides presentations and infographics.

Can I use these illustrations on my publications?

Yes. Our goal is to improve communication in science and help scientists and doctors to communicate their results in an understandable and eye-catching way. You can use your creations in your papers, classes, books, social media and anything you want. If you are a free user, you must keep the watermark and cite mind the graph in your publication. Now, if you are a subscriber you don’t need to cite us (But would be great if you do it)!

Ready to improve your communication?

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