#14 New scientific illustrations of the week: You don’t wanna miss it!

#14 New scientific illustrations of the week: You don’t wanna miss it!

It is time to see the scientific illustrations that we added to Mind the Graph platform last week. We add new illustrations every week to our library. Consequently, we already have thousands of illustrations available to all our users (free users included).

Our illustrations are scientifically accurate. Also, they have a pattern, which means you can combine different illustrations and the final result will be attractive and eye-catching.

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Now, let’s see the new scientific illustrations of the week:



scientific illustrations

Ocean acidification on shells


Cryogenic probe

cryogenic probe scientific illustrations

Polar bear 

polar bear scientific zoology


cerastoderma mind the graph bivalve

Life cycle of a bivalve

bivalve life cycle

I need different scientific illustrations. What should I do?

You can see all the illustrations and templates available on our website. Even with all these illustrations available, it is possible that you still don’t find the one you need. Mainly if are working on a new experiment or treatment. But don’t worry. Most of our illustrations are based on requests from our subscribers, at no extra cost.

So, if you want a specific illustration that you didn’t find on Mind the Graph, you can become a subscriber and request it now:


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