It’s friday again (YAY), so it’s time to see the new scientific illustrations of the week! As you know, every week we add many illustrations to the mind the graph platform. All these illustrations are available to all mind the graph users (free users included). All our illustrations are scientifically accurate. Also, they have a pattern, so you can combine different illustrations and the final result will be attractive and beautiful.

Besides that, most of our illustrations are based on requests made by our subscribers. Our library has thousands of scientific illustrations available. However, it’s possible that you don’t find a specific illustrantion you need. Don’t worry! If you are a subscriber, you can request it at no extra cost. But, if you aren’t a subscriber yet, don’t worry too! You can upgrade now to enjoy all the benefits of a premium account.


Now let’s see the new scientific illustrations


Lab equipments

Hello, I need illustrations of an analytical balance, hot air oven and a gas pycnometer”

new scientific illustrations

Social science illustrations

“Hello, I need illustrations of a family household in Africa, an interview and people grinding maize in Africa”

new scientific illustrations


preview_78133 (2)




Rodent handling and restraint techniques


Different owl species



Illustrations of cardiology

“Hi, I need to show an aortic dissection and aortic root abscess”


Race horse

“Hi, is it possible to have a race horse and jockey in black and white?”


So, as you can see, this week we created many illustrations. Besides that, you will find thousands of other illustrations on Mind the Graph. However, if you still don’t find the illustration you need, write to us! But, if you aren’t a mind the graph user yet, you can start now for free:



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