It’s time to show you the new scientific illustrations that we created this week. Every week we publish a post to show what is new in Mind the graph.

Take a look at the illustrations of the week and enjoy our platform. If you are a mind the graph user and want a new illustration, just ask us.

Ovarian illustrations:

These illustrations are a part of our new infographic about ginecology. Click here to see more of it.

image (36)

Neurons illustrations:

We added several illustrations of neurons and neuroscience. Also, you can change the illustrations version to customize your creations:

image (35)


Woman in supine position 


You can find these images and others in our platform. If you are a subscriber, you can request new ones, just write to

Aren’t you a Mind the Graph user yet? Start now for free:

untitled-creation63724 (2)


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