Nothing is so good that it can’t be better. So, our heroes of technical support make new performance improvements and fixed bugs in the workspace. We work hard so you can have a great experience on our platform.


Ok, What  does this mean in practice?

Performance improvements


Icons/images list loading dynamically

Instead of loading all the features at the same time, making the platform slower, we configured a dynamic loading of what you just want to use, making everything more practical.

giphy (9)


Faster loading and download

Cause new science discoveries can’t wait!

giphy (10)


Workspace fixes and improvements

Did you have problems with bugs on the platform? We know, that can be very annoying.

So, our technical support is working to create a better experience for you. If you had any of these problems below, please try again and see the improvements:


– Downloads bugs fixed



Bugs in undo/redo functions fixed

giphy (5)


– Better system of grouping objects



– Zoom system improved



– Copy/paste system (ctrl+c/ctrl+v) improved

Ctrl C, Ctrl V


Overall performance improved

With several improvements, the platform is working better and faster than before.

We know that scientific life isn’t easy, so we focus in make the platform more complete, easier, faster every day, while you can do science in a more productive way.

giphy (19)

Also, we are always open to your feedbacks and inputs on how our platform can get better and better. And we need your help! So give it a try and enjoy the new updates.

untitled-creation63724 (2)If you find any other issue, please report to By the end of the day, all we want is to improve science communication and make life of scientists easier.



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