Today we have a guest author – Maryam Kamal – who is a font duos designer and will help us understand the right use of fonts in an infographic. She suggests that fonts should be used as duos.

See her text below, and we hope you enjoy!

“You sit down on your computer to start creating an infographic and get excited to share your knowledge with your audience. Then suddenly you are overwhelmed with the number of font duos options available and remember that you are not exactly a graphic designer”

Your goal is to create a pleasant visual experience and fonts duos are a huge part of getting your message across. Today I’ll be sharing with you 7 inspiring font duos that will have a great impact on your next graphic project! 

-> Each font example will be presented as a “font duo” to be use as “Title” and “Subtitle” !

Goal Digger Font Collection

A super versatile font collection that can be adapted – depending on how its used – to create graphics for a wide range of audiences. Including a textured hand-drawn filled and outline character sets available in SVG and Regular. The Goal Digger Collection was designed to be rich in texture with a sweet vintage twist. Including 13+ stylish crayon swashes to vamp up your designs, With built-in Opentype features, this font comes to life as if you’ve hand-drawn it yourself! 

The bold letters are perfect for creating eye-catching headlines, not to mention the coherent letter form. The rich sketch-like texture was scanned from original crayon letters and digitized to create a unique hand-made look.  You can check out the font duos collection and download here.

Goal digger font duo
Goal digger font duo

Oleo Script & Open sans

So you’d like to add some flow to your text but still keep it academically appropriate? Oleo script is a flowy yet non-connected script typeface. It works well with open sans as a font duo. It is perfect for situations where an attractive yet casual lettering effect is desired. Suitable for various typography contexts such as captions and bold headlines. Paired with a neutral and contrasting Open sans, because only one font can steer the ship! 

Oleo Script Open Sans font duo
Oleo Script Open Sans font duo

Grand Hotel & Merriweather

In order for your infographic to stand out among other content, its refreshing to add flair to the title, headlines and chart labels. Use the Grand Hotel font in one or two places to keep it simple and add visual interest to your infographic. Pairing it with a classic and neutral serif like Merriweather which is a font that was designed to be easy to read on screens and in small sizes! Great font duo for impact and style!

Grand hotel Merryweather font duo
Grand hotel Merryweather font duo

Bree Serif & Museo Slab 

If you’re looking to create a title, heading that is bold yet feels friendly, Bree Serif will be your go to font. Bree is clearly influenced by handwriting, it’s the perfect font to use if you’re looking for something that is semi-formal with a natural and fun aspect to it. I would highly recommend you pair it with Museo slab, the weight contrast is appealing and very concise. 

Bree Museo Slap font duo
Bree Museo Slap font duo

Nunito & Caviar Dreams

In my opinion, the key to creating a successful infographic is by conveying information while still keeping interesting and fun to look at. Nunito is classic and charismatic, friendly yet fresh new look. Perfect anywhere you need a little smooth goddess. Pairing it with Caviar dreams maintains the overall rounded, smooth look of the text. This combination will add a desired subtle playfulness to your infographics. 

Nunito Caviar font duo
Nunito Caviar font duo

Caviar Dreams & Museo Slab

Caviar Dreams is a wide sans serif typeface inspired by luxury prints in the 80s. It’s very easy to read with its clean lines and minimal look. Paring a sans for the title and a serif for the subtitles have been a very popular way of combining fonts. It makes it less cluttered and easy to read, especially when having large amounts of text in your infographic. 

Cavia Museo Slab font duo
Cavia Museo Slab font duo

Buckle up Buttercup Marker Font

Not exactly a font combination but a very fun font for labelling things on your infographic without having to pick up a sharpie! A Highly versatile classic marker font, designed to look as close as possible to natural handwriting by keeping the subtle imperfections on the edges, not polished yet gives a statement look! 

Perfect for adding side notes, quotes and labels and look as if you have written in yourself. See more of the font here.

Buckle up Buttercup
Buckle up Buttercup font duo

Your Key Takeaway

Now go on to experiment and get creative! You don’t have to stick to these 7 font duos that I mentioned.

If you’re last infographic didn’t perform as well as you hoped ask yourself is there too much text?

Maybe the title needs work? Did you consider your audience? Learn from your mistakes and don’t be afraid to try a different approach. The more you create the more you develop and eye for what works and what doesn’t.

Happy Creating!

Know more about the artist in her profile at Fontbundles.

Mariam Kamal
Mariam Kamal

Maryam Kamal

Mind the Graph Font duos


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