As you probably know, Mind the Graph is an online platform that allows scientists to create graphical abstracts, presentations, posters for scientific congress and more. But a scientist life isn’t just that. We need to use a lot of scientific protocols during our experiments. Scientific protocols are an important tool to organize the lab routine and procedures. But sometimes isn’t easy (or fun) create, understand and follow the protocols.

So, besides graphical abstracts, you can use Mind the Graph to create and organize the scientific protocols, download them in pdf format or share with your colleagues. We can add scientific icons to make the steps easier to understand.

Scientific protocols – Immunoprecipitation 


… and [fun] Notices

In general, science labs have a lot of notices to avoid accidents, right? What do you think of add a little humor in these notices? For example, sometimes when we are struggling with a deadline and don’t want to be disturbed, you can be clear about that with your colleagues, but with a sense of humor. I created a few notices to be used in the lab. You can print them or you create your own using Mind the graph. Just combine illustrations, icons and the text with your message.

Take a look at the models that I created and feel free to use them:

01. To use on the lab bench:

lab notice bench

02. Door tag

lab notice 2

03. Safety notice

lab notice 4

lab notice

04. Don’t forget your personal items

lab notice 5

If you want to create your own protocols, science posters or presentations, you can start using Mind the Graph for free. Also, you can share your creations and feedback with us:



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