Hi there! It is already December but we are not on holidays yet. Actually, we are working a lot to produce new scientific illustrations and templates for you before 2020. This way you can start the year saving time and communicating better in science.

These illustrations are the newest addition to our library. We already have more than 8 thousands scientific illustrations and they are available to all mind the graph users (free users included).

So, straight to the point, check out he new scientific illustrations

Rat examination and anesthesia

Pictures of animal testing and surgery can be harsh to see and to publish. Illustrations are a friendly and sensible way to show and explain medical and animal procedures. You can check our complete library of lab animals on mind the graph. 

rat examination anesthesia


It will be helpful to explain to your patients the procedure for respiratory injuries.


Melt extrusion

Melt-extrusion processes are applied in the pharmaceutical field for the manufacture of a variety of dosage forms and formulations. So if you want to show process of drug delivery you can use this illustration.

melt extrusion

Lab equipments

Our newest lab equipments are HPLC, Freeze drying and High throughput screening machine:

lab equipments

Human vertebral column zoom

Zoom is a great tool to show details in your graphical abstract

human columm zoom

Healthy food

healthy food fruits

healthy food


How can I use these illustrations in my work?

Mind the Graph is an online platform that empower scientists and teachers to create attractive presentations and graphical abstracts. So, you can combine our illustrations with text, charts, photography and other elements to create a powerful communication.

You can use your creations in your papers, classes, books, social media and anything you want. If you are a free user, you must keep the watermark and cite mind the graph in your publication. Now, if you are a subscriber you don’t need to cite us (But would be great if you do it)! You can stay as a free user as long as you want.

However if you want to have access to all features you should upgrade to an unlimited account.

mind the graph scientific illustrations


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