Picture this scene:
You have all your research done. The nights spent in the lab are gone. You collected and analyzed all data you needed. You wrote down your findings and manage to connect them with other studies. It is all ready after many reviews. Years of hard work and dedication will finally pay off.

There is only one more step to get the job done: go through the examination board.

Now is not the moment to relax and be lazy. You need to make the best presentation the examiners have ever seen.
Easy to say, hard to do. Right? Well, not anymore.researchEvery scientist dreamt about having a tool to help making scientific presentations, posters, graphical abstracts or infographics. And it took only one annoyed scientist to make this tool happen. Mind the Graph is not a regular illustration platform. The idea behind Mind the Graph is to solve a latent problem; is to have a tool made by scientists to scientists.

Mind the Graph offers clever features, accurate illustrations and a customer service that understands the scientific language. The benefits of this platform goes with the user needs: Free users can have an overview of how the platform works and Premium users can enjoy better all features.

mind the graph plant cell structure organelles


The benefits of Premium users go from unlimited illustrations and creations, to requesting as many new illustrations as they please. These benefits are what enables Premium users to build more complex creations in a simple and beautiful way.


Every research takes a lot of effort to get finished. When the time of presenting all your hard work arrives, you should have the proper tool to present it well. This is why Mind the Graph exists. You don’t need to be a designer to communicate your findings beautifully, you can use Mind the Graph.

You want to make sure you finished the job the best way you could? Get all our benefits right now!



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