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Neuron thalamocortical terminalNeuron cortex callosalNeuron aspBipolar neuronSpinal cord cut l1Neuron spinal cord thalamus striatum cortex brainstemNeuron dendritic middle aged zoomNeuron pyramidal 2 recoveryNeuron pyramidal 2Spinal cord cut l2Spinal cord cut t8Neuron spNeuron basNeuron cellGanglion neuron myelinNeuron scheme myelinSpinal cord cut s2Neuron corticocortical terminalThalamus cortex claustrumCerebellum lateralNeuron dendritic young zoomSpinal cord cut c5Neuron dendritic aged zoomBipolar neuron myelinNeuron pyramidal 2 stressSpinal cord cut t2Spinal cord l2 perspectiveNeuron dendritic spine 1Brain cut alzheimer severe diseasePrimate microglia 1Neuron stellateBrain nerve neuron cells zoomSpinal cord l2 peripheral nervous perspectiveSpinal cord t8 central nervous perspectiveSpinal cord t8 peripheral nervous perspectiveNeuron schemePrimate microglia 3Neuron structure mielin cutNeuron pyramidalReactive primate microgliaSynaptic cleft neuronsMicroglia mediated synapticDystrophic primate microgliaBrain mild alzheimer disease front cutSynaptic cleft neuron 1Synaptic cleft neuron 2Cerebellum lateral cutNeuronal network zoomUpper midbrain central nervous perspectiveRosetteSpinal cord l2 central peripheral nervous perspectiveSpinal cord t8 perspectiveUpper midbrain perspectivePrimate microglia 2Primate microglia 4Oligodendrocyte 2Brain nerve neuron cells damage zoomNeural rosette 1Oligodendrocyte 1Brain severe alzheimer disease front cutNeuron dendritic spine 2Brain with lobe divisionsCentral nervous systemBrain human white matter fibres front cut shapeBrain human white matter fibres front cutBrain cut alzheimer mild diseaseDystrophic microglia engulfing synapsesColumn vertebral cut dermatomesPyramidalRamified primate microgliaNervous system bodyMicroglia surviling synapsesNervous system body fullNeural rosette 2Nervous system parasympathetic response 2Microglia 2Cerebellus 1Nervous system sympathetic responseBrainstemMicroglia 1Human brain frontBrain human white matter fibres sagittal cut shapeBrain human white matter fibres sagittal cutBrain cut posterior perspective viewBipolar cell retina 1Nervous systemBrain germinal matrix front cutCerebrospinal fluidBrain with fornixNervous system sympathetic response 2Circulatory system brain 2Functional areas of the brainAstrocyte 1Astrocyte activatedNervous system parasympathetic responseNeuron astrocyte microglia pericyte vesselImmature brain shape frontBrain cut anterior perspective viewBrain transversal cut perspective viewMicroglia activated
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