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Aedes aegyptiFlavivirusHeteragrion alienum lateralHeteragrion alienum dorsalHeteragrion alienum wingCulexInsect legPraying mantis lateralHyaemagogusPhlebotomine maleButterfly rhopalocera 1 dorsalNymph cockroach nauphoeta cinereaBeeBombyx mori silk worm lateralCricket bug dorsalPolythore mutataDrosophila embryo lateral 1Mallophora ruficaudaAntIntrathoracic injection drosophila shapeButterfly rhopalocera 2 dorsalPapilio ulysses dorsalIntrathoracic injection drosophilaCarpenter ant camponotus lateralPhlebotominae larvaePolythore ornataAedes aegypt eggDrosophila embryo injectionPlasmodium schizontAedes aegypt larvaePhlebotominae pupaeGalleria mellonella caterpillar lateralAedes aegypti skeletonPolythore concinnaPolythore auroraAcyrthosiphon pisum pea aphid topAedes aegypt eggsAedes aegypt pupaArthropodaTenebrio molitorCulicoides insect animaliaPhasmida insect dorsalPlasmodium falciparum sporozoiteBrachiopod 1 backFruit fly wild female top viewFruit fly wild male top viewDrosophila third instar larvaDeleatidium mayfly nymph topAntarctic krill euphausia superbaAnophelesJellyfishNopal weevilBlack spiderBrachiopod 2Trapped insect leaf zoomFruit fly wild maleBrachiopod 1 sidePolyplacophoraHomalocantha zamboi frontDrosophila first instar larvaGastropodaDrosophila pupaChalcopteryx sp lateralAscidacea sea squirt blue tunicateVenus comb murex topPlasmodium ring blood cellLobster krill munida gregariaCalanus glacialis dorsalBalanoglossus ptychoderidaeSlug topNeopilina lateral 2Physalia physalis sea zoomPterynotus frontTeuthidaBivalve mollusk closed holeVenus comb murexSea anemoneDrosophila eggDrosophila second instar larvaBivalve mollusk openMiocora lateralFaunus aterVenus comb murex backAmphipod themisto gaudichaudii lateralWoman scratching handEgg bivalve life cyclePlasmodium falciparum merozoite cutScratching hand zoomDragonfly anisoptera 2Ascidian larvae system cut lateralBivalve life cycle 4Flatworm marinePhysalia physalisAscidian larvae lateralSea snailPlasmodium schizont blood cellCerastoderma edule bivalveBivalve mollusk closedNeopilina lateral 1Chicoreus palmarosae front
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