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Aedes aegyptiFlavivirusHeteragrion alienum lateralHeteragrion alienum wingHeteragrion alienum dorsalInsect legPraying mantis lateralCulexNymph cockroach nauphoeta cinereaHyaemagogusPhlebotomine maleButterfly rhopalocera 1 dorsalBeeCricket bug dorsalBombyx mori silk worm lateralIntrathoracic injection drosophilaDrosophila embryo lateral 1Polythore mutataAntIntrathoracic injection drosophila shapePapilio ulysses dorsalButterfly rhopalocera 2 dorsalCarpenter ant camponotus lateralPhlebotominae larvaeDrosophila embryo injectionPolythore ornataGalleria mellonella caterpillar lateralAedes aegypt eggPlasmodium schizontAedes aegypt larvaePhlebotominae pupaePolythore concinnaPolythore auroraArthropodaAedes aegypt eggsAedes aegypt pupaCulicoides insect animaliaPhasmida insect dorsalBlack spiderBrachiopod 1 backPlasmodium falciparum sporozoiteAntarctic krill euphausia superbaBrachiopod 2JellyfishBrachiopod 1 sidePolyplacophoraAnophelesSlug topHomalocantha zamboi frontGastropodaBalanoglossus ptychoderidaeAscidacea sea squirt blue tunicateVenus comb murex topLobster krill munida gregariaCalanus glacialis dorsalVenus comb murexNeopilina lateral 2Bivalve mollusk openPhysalia physalis sea zoomPterynotus frontTeuthidaBivalve mollusk closed holeEgg bivalve life cycleFaunus aterAmphipod themisto gaudichaudii lateralSea anemoneBivalve life cycle 4Anastrepha fraterculusPlasmodium ring blood cellFlatworm marineVenus comb murex backAscidian larvae lateralPhysalia physalisBivalve mollusk closedCrassostrea gigas topAscidian larvae system cut lateralChicoreus palmarosae frontLobster polycheles thyphlops dorsalSea snailCerastoderma edule bivalve frontCerastoderma edule bivalve lateralCerastoderma edule bivalve cut structureScratching hand zoomCerastoderma edule bivalvePlasmodium falciparum merozoite cutWoman scratching handLobster palinurus elephas lateralBivalve life cycle 1Neopilina lateral 1Venus comb murex frontNeopilina topMarine coralPlasmodium schizont blood cellBivalve life cycle 3Crassostrea gigas digestive system ventralBivalve life cycle 2Dragonfly anisoptera 2FleaPlasmodium falciparum zygotePlasmodium falciparum oocynete
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