If you are a free user of Mind the Graph, you probably noticed that the account is limited. You can be a free user as long as you want and we’ll never charge you for that. However, if you feel that you need to create more complex illustrations for your visual abstracts, you should upgrade to an unlimited and premium account. As a subscriber, you have access to all the benefits of our platform to improve your experience and allow you to create very professional and beautiful figures. So, to help you on this journey, I selected my favorites benefits of being a mind the graph user:

01. Request new illustrations

We already have a library with thousands scientific illustrations, mostly of life science and healthy. However, sometimes you need a specific illustrations that you can’t find anywhere, not even in mind the graph. If that happen, don’t worry! We do ‘on demand’ illustrations at no extra cost. Every week we add new illustrations based on requests from our subscribers. You can see our weekly inputs in this post series: Scientific illustrations of the week: What is new for you

“I really love mindthegraph! Two things that are missing right now would be an insulin pen as well as an illustration of subcutanous injection in men. That would be great!”

untitled-creation63235-1024x768 (1)

02. Create presentations

Communication in science isn’t just write new papers. We have seminar presentations, visual abstracts, congress posters and classes. So, in mind the graph you can create presentations with an unlimited number of slides and present them directly from the platform. I wrote a blog post to explain better the presetation feature and you can read it here.


03. Start from templates

As scientists, we aren’t designers. Therefore it’s hard to create beautiful and accurate visual abstracts. Although we provide all the scientific illustrations, our users need to combine them and create their presentations and it can be hard to do that sometimes. However, the subscribers don’t need to start from a blank canvas. We also provide many editable templates for you. We can see our templates here


04. Use an unlimited number of figures

Trial users can use only 5 illustrations at the time while subscribers can create complex figures and use all the illustrations they need. If you need to create a more complex visual abstract as a metabolic pathway, the researcher plan will be perfect for you.

template_receptors_1280x720 (1)

05. Edit multiple creations at the same time

If you are a subscriber and cancel you plan, we will be no longer charged. However, when the subscription period ends you wll be a trial user again and lose access to your creations. Only subscribers can have more than one active creation at the time. So, if you are working in two or more projects, the researcher plan will be fit your needs.

06. Copyright and publishing permissions

As a trial user, you must cite mind the graph and use our watermark on your creations. The watermark is automatic add to the creations if you are a trial user. However, as a subscriber you don’t need to cite us or use watermark. But, of course, we will be happy if you cite us in the acknowledgements section.

Did you love the benefits? This service has a minimum cost of 9 USD/Month or 5 USD/Month if you sign up for 1 year.



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