As a doctor, you probably know the importance of communicate well with your patients. They need to understand the medical information, so the treatment can be sucessful. Besides that, we need to publish new papers to improve our communication in science, between our peers. If you are struggling to reach more people with your research or explain the procedures and treatments to your patients, you need to be more visual! Scientific and medical illustrations are a powerful tool to communicate well.

However, I know that is not easy to find accurate and scientific illustrations. Because of that, we provide thousands of scientific illustrations on Mind the Graph. We are an online platform to make scientific graphical abstracts, presentations, congress posters and more! Most of our illustrations are for Life sciences and health.

The medical illustrations include images of surgery, procedures, human anatomy, histology and medical equipments. Take a look at some of our medical illustrations available:




“I developed a new treatment, so how can I get the medical illustrations I need?”


Most of the illustrations available are based on requests from our users. So, if you don’t find the illustration you need, write to us. We receive many requests of specific medical procedures from our users. Look some examples:




You can find all these and thousand more medical illustrations on mind the graph. If you aren’t a user yet, try now for free:



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