When bad media strikes, only a very good infographic can show the public the real state of things.

Tobacco vs meat what's the riskThe EVIDENCE that processed meat causes cancer is as strong as the evidence for tobacco, but the RISK from tobacco is much higher !

The news is that the World Health Organization (WHO) classified cured and processed meat as Group 1 carcinogens, same group as tobacco and asbestos. So jerked beef can cause cancer, but it doesn´t mean they cause cancer as frequently or in the same way as cigarettes do. But a lot of articles said so.

To clear things up, the Cancer Research UK published three very good infographics showing how different is the risk of cancer smoking and eating red processed meat.

meat and cancer how strong is the evidence
Know how likely different type of processed meat products are likely to cause cancer in humans


are you eating too much meat ?
Now, have a look if you are particularly risking yourself. How much meat do you eat and… what to do if you wanna reduce risk of cancer .

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