You know the feeling when you find out about an amazing tool or software? I know, it feels great. But then, you start thinking what else you might be missing and you wish there was a way to find out about more useful tools. Well, scientific papers always tell what kind of software the authors used. However, what if you could have that information much faster by a scientific tool browser? If you liked this idea, you should know LabWorm.

labworm tool browser

LabWorm is an aggregator of scientific online tools. It lets you, the scientist, stay updated on the newest and most relevant tools for your research. LabWorm members get weekly e-mails with the Top 5 Freshest Tools – keeping you in the know.”

On their website you can look for scientific tools depending on the type you need and interact asking questions about them. If you know about an amazing tool or developed one from scratch, awesome! Register it at LabWorm and share with your friends. Also, you may vote for the best tool of the week and get updated on what is new.

Thinking about helping scientists all over the globe, Mind the Graph is now at LabWorm too! You can vote for us and share the link with your friends! Now anyone can find out about Mind the Graph and improve their researches with beautiful scientific illustrations.labworm tool browserOk, but what LabWorm and Mind the Graph have in common? Well, many of our goals are the same:

  • Improve scientific communication
  • Stop the time wasting in the scientific life
  • Empowerment of scientists
  • Science available to anyone at anytime

Not to mention we are both platforms made by scientists for scientists!


Entrepreneurial ideas are changing science by making it fun and reacheable as it should always have been. Don’t waste your time anymore and start getting updated on new trends with LabWorm and Mind the Graph!labworm tool browser


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