Big nasty snake poisons come in small flasks! The smaller the letal dose, the worse.


List of dangerous snakes is an overview of the snakes that pose a significant health risk to humans, through snakebites or other physical trauma. Some have strong snake poison. The varieties of snake that most often cause serious snakebites depends on the region of the world. In Africa the most dangerous species include mambas, Egyptian cobras, puff adders, and carpet vipers; in the Middle East the species of greatest concern are carpet vipers and elapids; in Central and South America, Bothrops and Crotalus are of greatest concern. The latter including rattlesnakes. In South Asia it has historically been believed that Indian cobras, common kraits, Russell’s viper and carpet vipers were the most dangerous species, however other snakes may also cause significant problems in this area of the world. While several species of snakes may cause more bodily destruction than others, any of these venomous snakes are still very capable of causing human fatality should a bite go untreated, regardless of their venom capabilities or behavioral tendencies. Snake poison is a real threat, and some of the more powerful snake poison comes from tiny animals.snakeFor a full list, see You can customize your infographic using the above example as an infographic template. Just click here to start creating your free infographic with Mind the Graph.


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