Drosophila melanogaster or fruit flies are one of the most important models in medical and scientific studies. There main reason they are so important is that fruit flies genome has been entirely decoded and it is very similiar to humans.

The genome relationship is so close that studies can be simulated in fruit flies and then extended to humans even though the two groups are far apart in the evolutionary scale. In addition, the knowledge on fruit flies genome makes it possible to conduct researches that are more easily predicted.

Some of the most popular researches on fruit flies are the ones that change their phenotype. The wild species looks pretty much like this:

drosophila melanogaster

However, as the genome is modified, some characteristics are also modified.

Mind the Graph is a DIY platform that aims to improve science communication. With that in mind we took something as simple as fruit flies and we tried to think what a geneticist would need in order to illustrate their work.Drosophila melanogasterAt our platform we have many unique illustrations and some effects to improve its usability. With that in mind, we decided to have a function and simple tool that all scientists would have access to. Thus, we made Drosophila melanogaster illustration that allows mutations to happen!

drosophila melanogaster

What does it mean? That you can find the best suitable fruit fly illustration for you and change their eye colors so it corresponds to the genome mutation you are looking for.

Mind the Graph is a place where scientists can present their needs. Premium users have a request service in which they can ask for illustration with specifications that work better for their researches.

We are 100% open to suggestions and always looking for increase our illustration library. As for the price, with a low investment you can finally present your research in an simple and beautiful way.

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