How to empower your research in Life Sciences with graphical abstracts? It isn’t easy to create accurate and beautiful images of cell signaling pathways.

However, As I already wrote about how most Cell Press journals ask for a Graphical Abstract  and how this can be a barrier if you are a scientist, but not a designer.

Today, I’ll show you beautiful examples of cell signaling pathways graphical abstracts created with Mind the Graph and a tutorial step-by-step, so you’ll create your graphical abstract easily as well. But first, let’s understand what signalling pathways are and how they work.

What are cell signaling pathways?

Cell signaling means the ability of a cell to receive, process or transmit signals with its environment and with itself. It is a fundamental property of all cells in every living organism.

The cell signaling pathways form networks that connect receptors to many different cellular machines. These networks are so complex, they require the use of visual models or graphical abstracts to understand how information is processed.

In that way it is possible to understand how the signaling network is organized, its information-processing capabilities and even identify a number of emergent properties that signaling networks possess.

How to build a cell signaling diagram?

When you try to make your image of cell signaling pathways, probably, the first problem is to find illustrations of cells, membranes, receptors,  proteins, DNA and all molecules you need to show.

Mind the Graph solves this problem. With thousands of illustrations available, you can find many options to illustrate your work in cell biology, molecular biology, biochemistry or pharmacology.

If you don’t find the illustrations you need, is simple, just request new illustrations and the design team will custom make them. With all illustrations you need available is easier to finish your work.

Let’s take a look at two creations from our users.

Cell signaling pathways created by Mind the Graph users

Cell Signaling Pathway Diagram
Cell Signaling Pathway Infographic

However, it is not always easy to put all information together in a beautiful and organized way.

Because of that, we make several tutorials in our youtube channel to help our users.

Tutorial: Cell Signaling Pathway

This video is a tutorial step by step of a cell signaling pathway, inspired on a creation of a Mind the Graph user.

If you aren’t a Mind the Graph user yet, start now. You can start for free.


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