Primary cardiomyocyte isolation

Fabricio Pamplona

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Cultured primary cardiomyocytes are widely used to study and understand the mechanisms underlying normal cardiovascular function, cardioprotection, and cardiovascular diseases. Cardiomyocyte cultures provide a homogeneous population of single cells, which are easy to visualize and manipulate. Compared with the whole heart, cardiomyocyte cultures are relatively pure, with limited contaminating cell types such as endothelial cells. In addition, preparations of heart cells isolated from small mammals like mouse and rat enable a large number of quick, relatively low-cost experiments compared to studies conducted in whole animals. Source: https://www.thermofisher.com/kr/ko/home/life-science/protein-biology/protein-biology-learning-center/protein-biology-resource-library/protein-biology-application-notes/one-hour-procedure-isolate-primary-cardiomyocytes-neonatal-mouse-rat-hearts.html


Fabricio Pamplona