Inspired by massive feedbacks from our users, we are proud to release the first update of the Mind the Graph platform that includes several improvements requested by you and other users.

Updated platform (October 22 2015) includes the following improvements:

  • A totally new selection tool. Easier to select closer objects independently
  • Move or delete grouped illustrations at the same time
  • Reverse unwanted changes using the “undo” function
  • Never lose a creation again. More robust saving process
  • Activate auto-alignment using the grid tool
  • Transparent background is now available

The technology behind the workspace was been fully redesigned using a html 5 framework.

All the creations were automatically converted, but you might experience some problems with creations made before October 22. Most of the experienced problems are due to object layering/misplacement and can be easily corrected.

Some of the issues reported and how to correct:

Text is misplaced compared to the old version: resize the text box and place it in the appropriate position.

The figure seems strange/unorganized: this is due to problems in layering. Click the objects and place them behind of in front of the other elements to reorganize your creation.

The same iseeus may have happened with the templates. Please apologize for that, we are working on it.

If you find any other issue, please report to


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