Reaching more publications: meet Edanz

Reaching more publications: meet Edanz

What makes a text accepted for publication? Why didn’t my target publication accept my paper? Is my research not relevant enough? 

As scientists, we know that these are constant concerns. After all, even with good results, papers are rejected for publication! So, what could be the problem? Often the deciding factor between acceptance and rejection is, quite simply, the language. 

Presenting your work in correct English, in a format that is aesthetically beautiful is relevant when seeking publication in major international journals.

Your work needs to be seen

As researchers, we invest hard work, dedication, money, and many nights to achieve the best results. We do not produce good research to just leave it in a library or to languish at our university. We want it to succeed globally!

We proudly introduce our new partner, a scientific editing and comprehensive publication services company that can empower you to flawlessly communicate your scholarly work.

Edanz works to help researchers be even more successful in their careers and achieve publication in high-end journals. Also, they have listed tips on some essential points that are routinely referred to in their editor training and editing process:

  • Good  English Writing
  • Aesthetically pleasing writing
  • Ethics
  • Clarity

When good researchers are not successful, this is often not because of the research itself, but the way it is presented. According to the professionals at Edanz, these 4 points, are essential to whether your text is effective or not. 

Good English Writing Today, almost all of the major scholarly journals in the world accept articles in English. If English is not your native language, you need to ensure that your text is grammatically correct and is written in an academic / formal way.

Aesthetically pleasing writing Aesthetics is often overlooked, and is essential to composing a good publication. Use graphics, infographics and illustrations to enhance what you have written and help to communicate your research in a simpler way.

Ethics This is an obvious point for any researcher, but is always important to remember! After all, this is research that can move and change lives. The strict observance of publication ethics is essential to both your research work and the writing of your article.

Clarity It is not enough to just have good results; within the scientific environment you need to be clear to communicate your research. This doesn’t meant being simple or writing in an informal way, it means developing  a cohesive and concise text that communicates your work clearly and comprehensively in an article or paper, for example.

According to the professionals of the Edanz group, by following these four points, you can achieve your long-awaited publication goals! And of course, when you need help at any stage of the publication process, we recommend that you inquire about their wide range of services to make your publication goals a reality!

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