Get a Graphical Abstract for your Company in Mind the Graph Style

Get a Graphical Abstract for your Company in Mind the Graph Style

Get a professional graphical abstract for your company in Mind the Graph Style

Welcome, science people! We would like to present you a service that you can request at Mind the Graph for your company at any time! Check below for more information. 

Mind the Graph is so much more than just an online software.

 We are always working hard in different ways, researching new technologies that could help our fellow scientists increase their productivity and reach their best selves in everything they work on! 

Our tool Poster Maker is one great example of that work, a new technology developed after a lot of research, meetings, framework, study, and a lot more. A new technology that worked to develop based on data analysis, meetings, framework, study, and a lot more. 

Mind the Graph wants to help you better communicate your science in any scenario. Working alone or in a team, working in a lab or in a company.  Mind the Graph is here to help not only you, but your company, to better communicate science.  

About the service 

At Mind the Graph, your company can request service from our team of experts that will illustrate a graphical abstract or an infographic, based on your demanding content. 

All creations will be in Mind the Graph’s Style, and the final arts will be delivered through our platform to you. 

You will receive a professional crafted graphical abstract or infographic and count on the ease of use of our workspace to make fast and accurate changes throughout the creative process.

One of our business partners, the company Edanz, gave us permission to share some final art created from their content.  See below.

You can request the service of Illustrated graphical abstracts and infographics Mind the Graph Style any time through our email: 

Edanz: Graphical Abstracts 

Did you know that arterial stiffness is a determinant of cardiovascular health and organ damage? Well, this is what the graphical abstract below is about. CAVI, or cardio-ankle vascular index, can be used to measure arterial stiffness and can predict patients with risk of cardiovascular events. The study shows that CAVI may be pivotal in the prevention of cardiovascular disease. For more information check out the graphical abstract below. 

The next creation is: Hemoglobin digestion is required for duodenal heme-iron uptake and hemin is absorbed in the jejunum but not the duodenum in rats. The study indicates that heme-iron uptake and transport mechanisms substantially differ between the duodenum and distal small intestine.  

The next graphical abstract named “Prognostic value of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease in patients with suspected coronary artery disease” is about the incremental predictive value of HS assessed during coronary CTA. This study was evaluated in a prospective study of many many patients. Check out below for study findings. 

The “Bronchoscopy-guided radiofrequency markers to localize deep lung lesions” graphical abstract, shows that RFID (electromagnetic navigational bronchoscopy-guided radiofrequency identification) markers can be used to flag the precise location of deep small-sized lung tumors, which can result in negative surgical margins, minimizing the resection failure of deep tumors. 

This next graphical abstract, “Single-cell analysis of IgG4-related disease lesions reveals expansion of IL-10+ T follicular helper cells”, reveals that KD and IgG4-RD comprise two distinct fibrotic disorders, allergic fibrosis, and inflammatory fibrosis. 

All creations above are graphical abstracts created by Mind the Graph service based on the client content demand.  

Edanz was established in Japan in 1995, and since then the company has been helping researchers all over the world to publish in international journals. With a team of over 300 experts including editors, consultants, and a lot more, they will help you throughout the publication journey and support your publication goals. Helping and supporting researchers for more than 25 years, you can be confident in submitting your manuscript to any international journal. 

Align to Mind the Graph purpose, Edanz will also help you to present your research clearly and accurately. To know more about Edanz services click here

Graphical Abstract

Creating a graphical abstract is hard. Usually, it takes a lot of time to be done. Only professionals are able to create such complex work overnight. Creating a graphical abstract should never be underestimated, it is a difficult task to be completed and it demands a lot of effort, research, and patience. 

What is a graphical abstract image?

A graphical abstract is usually located at the top of the online version of a scientific article. 

The graphical abstract role is to transmit the information from the article in a single image, with less text and more visual icons. 

A graphical abstract is a single image that usually follows the paper abstract that represents and delivers the article findings with visuals, which allows readers to understand and identify quickly and more easily the main message of that article. 

Read here more about graphical abstracts guides on the Elsevier website. 

What is the role of graphical abstract?

A graphical abstract has the role to allow the reader to understand a take-home message from the paper in a quick way, encouraging them to check the full paper. 

Furthermore, the creation process of a graphical abstract promotes interdisciplinary scholarship, and the image helps the reader to identify faster which papers are most relevant to them and their research interests. 

Where do you get a graphical abstract?

You can find in Mind the Graph’s YouTube channel many tutorial videos showing how to get your graphical abstract done using the Mind the Graph platform. Such as this video below. 

However, on the internet, you can find many other tutorials on how to create your graphical abstract.

How to create a graphical abstract using Mind the Graph?

To create a graphical abstract consider the following steps, and to learn more about it you can check our blog post article on How to create an infographic (and any other science figure).

Not only choosing the icons in Mind the Graph gallery is what is made to create a beautiful graphical abstract, but also you need to know before starting your creation process a few pieces of information that will guide you in future decisions.

  1. Summarize the main idea of your work and transform it into the simplest form. 
  2. Research and discover your target audience.
  3. Look for references and images examples of what are you mentalizing.
  4. Create the first sketch and explore all possibilities.

And of course, never forget to check the journal guidelines that you are submitting your manuscript.

If you want to increase your company’s visual communication quality contact us! With Mind the Graph service Illustrated graphical abstracts or infographics in Mind the Graph Style your visual content will be on the next level. Contact our team through the email:

With this Mind the Graph’s service we guarantee, your company communication will never be the same again. 

To check more creations in this service category access our portfolio by clicking here

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