What chart should I use?

Writing a scientific paper is difficult enough, right? Well, nothing is so bad that can’t get worse. For most people, one of the most difficult parts is how to present the scientific data. For this reason, we decided to give…Read more

Reproduction structure of a flower DIY

Scientists are known for their poorly made presentations and posters. However, our degrees do not teach us to make science beautiful and simple. On the contrary, our scientific journey teaches us complicated words and difficult techniques that only science-instructed people…Read more

Scientific illustrations? Ask us!

Mind the graph is a DIY platform that already has many scientific illustrations available for free. However, the number of scientific fields is giant and the demand for new scientific illustrations is constant. For this reason, we keep receiving e-mails…Read more

What makes a good infographic?

This post is part of a series of educational material aiming to provide qualified information for scientists and health professional that want to communicate using infographics. Know why infographics are a great tool for your scientific communication. If you prefer, download…Read more

What makes a good infographic ART?

The information, the story, is the most important part of your infographic. as we already explained in the introductory post, if you don’t have a clear objective, you probably won’t end up having a decent infographic. However, the organization and artwork…Read more
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