Are you a cat person? June is the adopt a cat month and as a cat (and dog) person , I am loving it <3

Cats and dogs are the most common domestic animals. However, before they’d conquered our couches and hearts, they had a very different life.  Nature ecology did an animated video that shows a bit about the history of the cats. The video is very cool and we love watch it.

A cat can be the best friends of a scientist. Are they also small scientists?

There is also a project to create a game of scientists cats. The cats will rule the world:


The idea of the game is to collect 6 or more science points to be deemed the “Greatest Science Cat of All Time!” In order to conduct an experiment, you must knock a card off of the table using your Scientific Method. You then apply the rule on the card to the game and MUST follow it to the best of your ability. If you fail to follow a rule in play and another player calls you out on it, you must return a card back into the pile. See who can follow the most laws of science by stacking up more and more rules!

In mind the graph, we love kittens and support the adopt a cat month. Cats allowed to range freely outdoors live shorter, more violent and less healthy lives than adopted cats that walked on leashes or kept indoors. But remember that adopting is a big responsibility and that cats are not objects. They have their needs, as comfort, food and healthy life as well as affection. This guide to cat owner will help you with that. If you can and want to adopt, join the adoption campaign and be very happy with your cat.

In addition, don’t forget to send us a picture with your cat <3


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