How many times have you wished to show all your friends how cool science really is? Well, since I am also a scientist, I will bet more times than you can possibly count.

I was searching online for tricks and things to showoff science theories or facts. It had to be cool ways to both teach my friends something new and amaze them.

Here is what I found: Physics Girl.

Cool science tricks for your research

Physics Girl is youtuber called Dianna Cowern. She has a channel on youtube to present science facts in a very fun and didactic way. Not only, she also presents the cool science tricks I was looking for and explains how they work.

Here are top 3 videos on science tricks you can do to your friends or just at home and have fun.

Seven Science Experiments with Surface Tension 

DIY Lightning Experiment! Make a SHOCKING Capacitor

5 cool math tricks ft. Technicality

Science should be a subject easily understandable by any person. Instead, we maintain very close groups of people discussing specific science subjects.

Making science information available for the lay audience does not mean to make fun videos or tricks. Any information translated into an easier way to comprehend complex data is good enough.

Nowadays, the best way to contribute to science communication is to explain it visually.

Science infographics or graphical abstracts are world widely used by many types of social media. However, not all scientists understand the importance of making their research available in a visual format.

If you are interested in this subject and still don’t know how to begin, we can help! Here are a couple posts you may be interested in:

How about we start making cool science content right now?

Cool science tricks for your research


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