For undergrads and grad students in Biomedical sciences, it’s common to face the need to create scientific illustrations for posters, papers or for a educational assay, isn’t it? You often need schemes and figures to improve the appearance of the work and, therefore, increase the visibility of what you are doing.

But, where do you find them or, rather, how do you create scientific illustrations? Let me guess.

If you are not skilled in Photoshop or Illustrator, which is the vast majority of Life Science, Health and Biomedical students, you probably go to Google Images, for example, and spend several minutes, if not hours trying to find what you need. But you don’t always find exactly the right illustrations, do you? And if you find, one is 2-D, the other 3-D, the other one has a disturbing colorful background, and so on.

This was my case in many times, when I was doing my PhD. Luckily for you, there are new ways of creating beautiful scientific illustrations.

Mind the Graph this platform offers thousands of scientific illustrations, which you can use directly online. They are all in the same style, and so beautiful! You can use them in banners, posters for conferences, scientific articles, classes and so on. It’s well crafted and complete. Plus, if you don’t find what you need, they will add new on demand illustrations for you. In the platform you can insert images, charts, edit the image background, etc and customize everything how you need to create your own unique scientific figure. The highlight is the quality and variety of illustrations in life science, biomedicine and health.scientific illustrationsThis is how it works

Browsing Google Images became a waste of time, honestly!

You can also try Servier bank, which is created by a pharmaceutical industry that offers editable images in ppt. It’s handy for simple schemes, but in the end you find it all (and more) in Mind the Graph.

Importantly: both platforms are offered under Creative Commons (CC) license, which means that you can use the online services and edit the images in the platform without paying anything. You just need to cite them. Use, share and enjoy!

People will be attracted by what you create and will understand you better!

By the way, this is the kind of illustrations you find in this free online infographic maker. Why don’t you try by yourself? It’s free!scientific illustrations


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