Hello there! Are you excited for the weekend? We are too! Also, friday is the day we showw off our newest addition to our illustration library. As you may know, we have the largest library of scientific illustrations, with over eight thousands scientific illustrations. But is important to highlight that besides life science illustrations, we also have collections of human and social sciences, educational sciences and engineering illustrations.

This week we focused on the engineering illustrations due to subscribers requests. This is one of the best features of mind the graph: If you don’t find the illustration you need you can request it at no extra cost. 

So, without further ado, let’s see the new illustrations:

Oil platforms

We created several illustrations to show different oil platforms. Furthermore, we have two styles, one showing the complete platform while the other one shows a shortest version, with a blank space illustrating a cut.


Houses and buildings

If you are an architect or a civil engineer you may like these new building illustrations. Our subscriber requested them to illustrate the difference between small villages and big cities, but you can adapt them to fit your needs.


Solar power plant

These illustrations are helpful to create a graphical abstract or presentation on clean energy and sustainability:



Graphene and nanofibers

For chemistry, physics and materials engineering we created several illustrations of carbon  molecules. We already have a large collection of these kind of materials. Check them out!


Can I use these illustrations to show off my work?

Yes. We are an online platform to improve communication in science. You can find all these illustrations and other thousands more on Mind the Graph. We free a free plan that give you access to all illustrations. However, the free plan is not unlimited and you need to cite us and keep the watermark. So, if you don’t want to keep the watermark, you can upgrade for a few dollars and experience unlimited features. Your illustrations will be ready in a few days. Ready to start?

mind the graph scientific illustrations


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