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LionShark lateralTiger fur zoomLion face frontSperm whaleOrca whale lateralTigerZebra fishMinke whaleGolden lion tamarin monkeyBeluga whaleBatoideaSharkLama glama mammalia animaliaBatoidea rajiformes dorsalMagellanic penguin spheniscus magellanicusRhesus monkey lay sideBatoidea torpediniformes dorsalDigestive system zebra fishGentoo penguin pygoscelis papuaMonkey marmosetCricket bug dorsalSouthern rockhopper penguin eudyptes chrysocomeHumpback whaleRhesus monkey side laser cameraKing pengui aptenodytes patagonicusPlacoid scale pattern zoomPlacoid scale topBombyx mori silk worm lateralQuail coturnix male lateralRhesus monkey sideEurasian blackbird turdus merula femaleFalkland steamerduck femaleZebra fish blueEurasian blackbird turdus merula maleCaracal caracalMagnetic resonance rhesus monkeyPlacoid scale lateral cutHorse lateralKiwiHummingbird trochilidaePraying mantis lateralZebra sideHorse cranium bone frontImperial shag flying lateralZebrafish stress lateralZebra finch taenyopygia guttata maleSeahorseSalmonFalkland steamerduck maleCarpenter ant camponotus lateralAustralian lungfish lateralButterfly rhopalocera 1 dorsalEuropean sparrow birdBurrowing parrot flyingMullet fishImperial shag head lateralEmbryo reptile birds 1Zebrafish larvae mhbNeopilina lateral 2Devonian lungfishGrus leucogeranusChitala ornataZebrafish larvae mhb zoomCrested duck walking lateralGrouperYellowfin notothen lateralZebrafish mhb midbrain hindbrain boundaryEmbryo reptile birds eggOniscidea isopodaFaunus aterZebrafish larvae mhb shapeZebrafish mhb midbrain hindbrain boundary shapeZebrafish midbrain hindbrain boundaryNorthern lampreys mouthEurasian coot fulica atraHagfish myxini chordata lateralLatimeria chordataKentish flover male lateralKentish flover female lateralPapilio ulysses dorsalDragon fly hetaerina vulnerata male lateralToucan ramphastos toco flying lateralHereford cowLepidosiren paradoxaButterfly rhopalocera 2 dorsalGrus leucogeranus flyingHorse skeleton body lateralFrog larvae lateralEchinodermHorse skeleton shape lateralZebrafish dorsal 1Horse skeleton lateralJellyfishZebrafish dorsal 2Toucan ramphastos tocoHorse respiratory system shape lateralCow calfHorse respiratory system lateralNeopilina lateral 1
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