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Egg 2Chicken 2Newly hatched chickEmbryo reptile birds eggEmbryo reptile birds 1Seagull birdRed throated loon adult nonbreedingBird blood cellPied flycatcherWilson storm petrelEuropean blackbirdTrichomona gallinaeGreat titBlue titLong tailed duck maleSparrow birdBird nestRed throated loon adult breedingRed throated loon adult nonbreeding swim zoomRed throated loon adult breeding flyRed throated loon adult nonbreeding flyLong tailed duck femaleEuropean sparrow birdMan bird huntingSeaside sparrow birdImperial shag flying lateralCrested duck patagonian lateralSouthern rockhopper penguin eudyptes chrysocomeEuropean turtle dove deadColumbidae birdBurrowing parrotHaemorhous mexicanusRed throated loon adult breeding swim zoomBurrowing parrot flyingEuropean turtle doveFalkland steamerduck maleFalkland steamerduck femaleEmuOsprey bird lateralCrested duck patagonian zoomHummingbird trochilidaeGreater rheaMan wetland bird huntingSparrow bird skeleton lateralEuropean starlingImperial shag head lateralRoosterEuropean turtle dove flyPenguinOstrichChickCassowaryOsprey bird fly huntingEagle bird flyOwl bird lateralSecretary bird clawPlasmodium relictum infection bird blood cellsHaemoproteus majoris infection bird blood cellsChicken angolaHaemoproteus majoris infection bird blood cellPlasmodium relictum infection bird blood cellEagle bird lateralVulture bird lateralTurkey lateralKiwiChickenBucephala clangula maleWood pigeonBucephala clangula femaleMelozone fusca bird lateralGrus leucogeranusShotgun weaponCrested duck walking lateralEurasian coot fulica atraGrus leucogeranus flyingRed capped cardinalStorkQuail coturnix male lateralWestern barn owlFull nest great tit chicks zoomStork carrying bundle with checklistVerreaux spotted owletAmerican tree sparrowThin billed prion flyingPearl spotted owletDuck featherSparrow bird skeleton shape lateralChicken digestive system bodyChicken digestive system body fullChicken digestive systemKing pengui aptenodytes patagonicusEuropean turtle dove juvenileStrelitziaceae leaf plant 1Kentish flover male lateralKentish flover female lateralSpotted eagle owlMagellanic penguin spheniscus magellanicusStercorarius chilensis chilean skua birdGentoo penguin pygoscelis papuaStrelitziaceae leaf plant 2
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