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Egg 2Chicken 2Newly hatched chickEmbryo reptile birds 1Embryo reptile birds eggPied flycatcherBird blood cellEuropean blackbirdGreat titBlue titLong tailed duck maleColumbidae birdBird nestSparrow birdRed throated loon adult nonbreedingWilson storm petrelRed throated loon adult nonbreeding flyLong tailed duck femaleCrested duck patagonian lateralRed throated loon adult breeding swim zoomRed throated loon adult breedingRed throated loon adult nonbreeding swim zoomRed throated loon adult breeding flyImperial shag flying lateralMan wetland bird huntingSouthern rockhopper penguin eudyptes chrysocomeEuropean turtle dove deadEuropean sparrow birdMan bird huntingSeaside sparrow birdFalkland steamerduck femaleBurrowing parrotCrested duck patagonian zoomBurrowing parrot flyingEuropean turtle doveRoosterTrichomona  gallinaeFalkland steamerduck malePenguinOstrichEmuImperial shag head lateralEuropean turtle dove flyCassowaryPlasmodium relictum infection bird blood cellsHummingbird trochilidaeEuropean starlingGreater rheaChicken angolaChickKiwiChickenBucephala clangula femaleGrus leucogeranusHaemoproteus majoris infection bird blood cellsShotgun weaponCrested duck walking lateralHaemoproteus majoris infection bird blood cellPlasmodium relictum infection bird blood cellRed capped cardinalStorkWood pigeonBucephala clangula maleWestern barn owlFull nest great tit chicks zoomEurasian coot fulica atraVerreaux spotted owletGrus leucogeranus flyingPearl spotted owletStork carrying bundle with checklistQuail coturnix male lateralKing pengui aptenodytes patagonicusMagellanic penguin spheniscus magellanicusAmerican tree sparrowThin billed prion flyingSpotted eagle owlKentish flover male lateralKentish flover female lateralStrelitziaceae leaf plant 2Gentoo penguin pygoscelis papuaChicken digestive system bodyChicken digestive system body fullChicken digestive systemStrelitziaceae leaf plant 1European turtle dove juvenileGamekeeper picking european turtle doveChinese gooseTrichostrongylidae eggYellow browed bulburPolythore mutata wingOvum 4Ovum 1Ovum 7Zebra finch taenyopygia guttata maleIguanaHistoplasma hyphaHistoplasmaOvum 3Fertilized ovumOvum 8
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